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Smart Tips for Paying off Your Home Loan Sooner

Wondering how to pay off your home loan sooner? We look at some things you could do. Australian home loan interest rates remain at historic lows, and the opportunities for paying off a mortgage early are better than ever. Used in conjunction with low rates, here are some extra steps that can speed up loan […]

Five Reasons to Consider White Label Loans

A white-label loan is essentially a home-branded loan, much like the home-branded products you see in the supermarket aisles. Like these products, white-label loans aim to deliver many of the same great features as bank-branded home loans, but for a lower cost to you the customer.  A trend seen in supermarkets over recent years has […]

Ten Renovation Ideas That Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Taking care of basic maintenance tasks before you sell your home is a no-brainer, but a quick and not-too-costly renovation can add a lot of appeal for potential buyers, and may boost the final sale price. 1.Basics first Fix those little faults that you no longer notice – leaky taps, rusty gutters, broken window catches. […]

Why Brokers Hold the Key To Getting Your Foot in the Front Door

Getting a foot in the door of your dream home might be getting harder, but talking to a mortgage broker could get you the keys more quickly. Purchasing a property in today’s housing market is not for the faint-hearted. Would-be homebuyers have only to turn on their TV – or check Facebook or Twitter – for the latest […]

The Banking Royal Commission: Impact on Home Loans

The Banking Royal Commission is a hot topic at the moment in financial circles. The below article outlines some of the concerns for people looking to acquire home loans.  At Cornerstone Home Loans, we have definitely noticed some changes to lender policy making it tougher.  In saying that, lots of people are still buying homes or […]

2018 Budget Breakdown: Implications for Property Sellers & Buyers

The 2017 Budget had a strong focus on housing supply and affordability. This year, housing took a back seat with no new, direct measures for first homebuyers or renters. However, some of the changes will likely have an indirect effect on both the residential and commercial sectors. Stable interest rates Homebuyers can take comfort from […]