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Invest or save: growing your money in a low-rate environment

Low rates mean those with mortgages may be breathing a sigh of relief, but low interest on savings accounts make it much harder to save and grow your money. Have you checked the amount of interest you’re getting your savings accounts recently? Chances are it’s sitting around 1%. The RBA’s record-low interest rate is designed […]

Does the gig economy make it harder to get a mortgage?

For lenders, the ideal customer has a steady income, ongoing employment and the ‘right’ paperwork.  Here’s what you can do to get a loan in the gig economy. From launching a start-up, to contracting in the ‘expert economy’ or just renting out the spare room as an Airbnb, more and more Australians have sources of […]

Uncharted waters: what happens if rates go sub-zero?

Since the start of the financial year, the RBA has cut rates to an unprecedented 0.75%. What happens if rates crash through zero and into negative territory? In August, Reserve Bank governor Philip Lowe told Federal Parliament’s Standing Committee on Economics that the RBA was prepared to do “unconventional things” to kick-start a flailing economy. […]

2020 vision: what the new year could bring to the property market

Boom. Correction. Comeback? The early signs that property prices in Melbourne and Sydney are on the up. Let’s peer into the 2020 housing market crystal ball. Prices look ready to rise The latest NAB Residential Property Survey suggests house prices will have increased 0.7 per cent by the end of this year, before jumping a further 7.4 […]

Going up: what record low interest rates mean for property prices

House prices are rising in Melbourne and Sydney – one of the desired effects of the RBA’s historically-low rates. But do low rates always lead to higher prices? Just weeks out from Christmas, the RBA decision to keep rates steady in December at 0.75% didn’t come as a surprise. In fact, it suggests we’re still […]

The art of the possible: how to pay off your mortgage sooner

It’s a simple equation. Paying down your mortgage sooner can save you thousands of dollars in interest in the long run. Here are some ways to make the most of every dollar while paying off your loan quicker. Increase your repayments… Let’s take a look at repaying a $500,000 home loan, using the mortgage calculator […]

The parent trap: should you loan to your kids to help them buy?

The average age of first home buyers keeps increasing, with more young people turning to their parents for financial help. But is lending your children money from the “bank of mum and dad” right for you? Owning property has always been the great Australian dream. As a parent, it’s natural to want your kids to […]

Behind the curtain: what drives RBA decision making?

The RBA’s decision to hold on interest rates gives us time to take a deeper look at what is going on. After all, there could be further cuts. What drives the decision making? What could send rates lower? To cut or not On the first Tuesday of each month, except January, the RBA board meets […]

Top Ten Renovation Tips

Taking care of basic maintenance tasks before you sell your home is a no-brainer, but a quick and not-too-costly renovation can add a lot of appeal for potential buyers, and may boost the final sale price. 1.Basics first Fix those little faults that you no longer notice – leaky taps, rusty gutters, broken window catches. […]

Ask yourself these 3 questions before you refinance

With interest rates at record lows and competitive deals on offer, switching to a new loan or lender may be an appealing prospect, with the potential to make significant savings. Since the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) began its latest round of rate cutting, lenders have been lowering mortgage interest rates across the board, with […]